About Ugg Boots

Ugg Boots Made in Australia sells the iconic Australian Sheepskin boots - the footwear style that was born in our country, Australia, nearly a hundred years ago, the original footwear style that we in Australia call ‘uggs’, ‘ugg boots’ or ‘uggies’. These days the fact that we continue to make our Sheepskin boots in Australia makes us unique rather than typical. Proud of our Australian made products we are also nostalgic when reflecting that the Australian fashion industry is increasingly turning to Asian production markets. Not many products sold in Australia these days are made in Australia, and many Australian brands are actually not owned by Australians any longer.

Ugg Boots Made in Australia is a truly Australian company: wholly owned, based and operated in Australia, employing Australians and continuing Australian tradition of our iconic Aussie boots. It makes us extremely proud that all footwear we sells is designed and manufactured in Melbourne Australia. This is a remarkable feat in today's fashion world, as in the midst of an ever-persistent time of outsourcing, Ugg Boots Made in Australia confirms that it is possible to continue to manufacture high quality footwear in Australia.

Manufacturing in Australia and use of the best possible materials, like luxurious 100% Australian Double-Faced Merino Sheepskin, ensures the highest standard of production and superb quality of products we sell.

About Ugg Boots

In Australia, there are many folklore stories on the origin of the ugg boots, ranging from boots being first used by the pilots in the WWII, to the suggestion that term "ugg boots" generated from the word "ugly". You can read many of these stories on the Internet. Whatever the story is, everybody agrees on one thing - that nothing comes close to the comfort, health benefits and pleasure of wearing genuine sheepskin boots on your bare fit!

The benefits of the sheepskin have been known for hundreds of years. Particularly in the colder climates, humans were making footwear from sheepskins for centuries. Sheepskin is able to absorb sweat at the very fast rate and can submit it into the air seven times faster than synthetics. This allows for your fit to stay dry and reduce moist dump conditions that discourages propagation of bacteria.

Sheepskin is gentle on your skin, because it contains lanolin, a basic substance similar to that found in human skin. Sheepskin helps heal sensitive or inflamed skin and rashes. In Australia sheepskin products are widely used in the healthcare industry.

Sheepskin is dirt and bacteria resistant. It has been known for centuries, that lanolin in natural sheepskin provides it with self-cleaning qualities.

Sheepskin will not give off an electrical charge. All-natural sheepskin is a partial insulator, providing you with undisturbed release of static electricity, created by the natural movement of your body.

Sheepskin is naturally water resistant & therefore small amounts of moisture will not seep through or damage your ugg boots or slippers. We also make available a range of ugg boots care products, designed to protect your footwear from effects of dirt and substances containing fats and oils.

There is evidence, suggesting that contact with sheepskin promotes the blood circulation and activates the immune system, supporting relaxation and renewal of the body.

Whatever the reason you want to use: scientific, therapeutic or fashion, Australian made ugg boots and slippers feel bloody good on your feet!

We love our gorgeous, truly Australian boots and we are proud to continue sell them in our beautiful country. Try them – you will love them too, and after trying the real Australian made top quality boots, you will not settle for anything else.