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Ugg Boots Made In AustraliaReview SummaryUgg Boots made in Australia  "I bought the ugg socks and boots not too long ago and just love 'em!!  I already have a few pairs of uggs and these are a fabulous addition. They fit true to size and are so comfy. Yummy! When you buy a pair of  uggs you do not worry about what you can wear them with - they go with everything!!! Expect gushing compliments, be prepared for someones gaze to fall to your feet and stay there:)  Make a statement - buy more today!" 
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Ugg Boots Made In AustraliaReview SummaryUgg Boots made in Australia  "Thank you for providing such a quality product and outstanding service! I ordered my Ryder Ugg boots on Tues and was wearing them on Thurs - amazing! They are everything you said they would be and I am so impressed with the quality of the boots. Well done - you've done Australia proud." 
Ugg Boots Made In AustraliaReview SummaryUgg Boots made in Australia  "Just to let you know that the ugg boots have arrived and have been lived in since their arrival. My feet have never been happier and am planning on sharing the love by giving uggs to rellies for christmas..." 
Ugg Boots Made in Austalia Enviro FleeceWater Resistant Sheepskin Ugg Boots Made in Austalia
Where do the Real, Original Style Ugg Boots Come From? Ugg boots originated in Australia. Uggs emerged as a fashion trend in the United States in the late 1990s and as a world-wide trend in the late 2000s.
The best Ugg boots are made in Australia and worn all over the world. The original sheepskin Ugg Boot is not just a modern brand name but a generic term for this style of Australian made sheepskin boot.
Real Ugg boots are twin-faced sheepskin with fleece on the inside and with a tanned outer surface, with a stitched on hard sole. Some variations of Ugg style boots have also been made from kangaroo leather and sheep skin lining.
In terms of comfort and personal style the Ugg Boot is a beautiful thing of real beauty.

Please note, we are not affiliated in any way with the Deckers Outdoor Corporation and their "Ugg Australia" brand. All ugg boots sold at our on-line store are made in Australia from 100% natural sheepskin. The terms "ugg", "ugg boots" or "uggs" are generic terms in Australia that describe sheepskin boots.
Orders send outside Australia do not carry label with the word Ugg on the back of the heel.

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